Eltham - Old Courthouse

Old Eltham Courthouse,
cnr Brougham Street & Main Road,
Eltham, 3095

Conversations with Mummies


Conversations With Mummies (4 weeks) Come & meet some of the most fascinating examples of the people who have been miraculously preserved through centuries. Thanks to modern medical technology, X-rays, CT-scans, DNA tests & facial reconstructions scientists can actually investigate the lives of individuals from every walk of life - these people almost seem to speak to us.

Evolution and Genetics


In these classes, we will discuss Mendelian genetics, DNA, cell division, germ cells and protein creation. In so doing, we will get into such subjects as sex determination, enzymes, puberty, the menopause, cancer, ageing, viruses, genetic modification and macromolecules. Although the course is a continuation of the Term 2 course entitled 'Evolution according to Darwin', it is not necessary for participants to have attended that previous course. The course will last 4-6 weeks depending on how fast we go and the course leader's holiday plans!

ORIGINS: Myths and Narratives: Homer and the Trojan War


During this course we will read and discuss the Iliad, an ancient Greek epic poem attributed to Homer . The Iliad tells of the last stage of the ten year siege of Troy and the events and passions that influenced this significant conflict. As we encounter the Wrath of Achilles, we will experience the early narratives that provided some of the structural roots of Western Thought and Western Culture.

Our journey back into early memories will also include a discussion of the interaction between the Mediterranean societies and the Near Eastern and Indo European cultures.

Mindfulness & Meditation for a more valued and enjoyable life


Mindfulness is bringing your attention to the present in a kind, non judgmental way allowing things to be as they are. Witnessing painful thoughts by concentrating on the present can result in such thoughts losing their power to distress us as we begin to realize that we are not totally our thoughts.

Italian for Beginners


Italian conversation for beginners, although some prior knowledge would be beneficial (or brush up on what you already know).

Translation: Conversazione italiana per principianti, anche se alcune conoscenze precedenti sarebbero utili (o reimparare ciò che già sapete).

Collaborative Writers' Workshop


Are you looking for a class to improve your creative writing skills? This class does just that and in a relaxed and friendly environment. In each class we workshop submitted pieces and provide constructive directions and ideas for improvement. OK, we laugh a lot as well, and sometimes we cry, but that is also the point — we trust and respect each other. It doesn’t matter where you feel you are in the journey of writing, just beginning, experienced or somewhere in between, because you will find insights offered into style, structure, content and presentation.

Poetry through the ages


If you have ever wanted to enjoy the rich and diverse world that is poetry or even write your own poetry then this could be the class for you.  

French (Continuing) MONDAY


French conversation for beginners through to formal French with grammar.

Please read Course details here.



Bavarder, converser, lire et parfoit chanter avec Bill. Chat, converse, read & sometimes sing with Bill   If you wish to speak and understand French this is the course for you. Some elementary (SPOKEN) knowledge of French would be helpful. If you can manage to do the following you're halfway in.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1RvCib-0Zg

Starting French WEDNESDAY


This course will suit people who have studied French for 2 years at school. The aim will be to get students to a standard where they will be able, if on holiday in France, to understand simple spoken French and to be able to make themselves understood in shops, hotels etc. The course will be done with the aid of a BBC studies book.


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