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The Weirdness of Light and Matter


One of the beauties of classical physics is that it makes conceptual sense: electrons flying around atomic nuclei are like planets flying round the sun; the force (gravity) keeping the planets in orbit around the sun is the same as the force which made the apple fall on Newton's head; etc. But the physics of the last hundred years makes much less conceptual sense: twins can age differently depending on how fast they are moving; electrons are in multiple places at the same time;

ORIGINS: Myths and Narratives: Homer and the Trojan War


During this course we will read and discuss the Iliad, an ancient Greek epic poem attributed to Homer . The Iliad tells of the last stage of the ten year siege of Troy and the events and passions that influenced this significant conflict. As we encounter the Wrath of Achilles, we will experience the early narratives that provided some of the structural roots of Western Thought and Western Culture.

Our journey back into early memories will also include a discussion of the interaction between the Mediterranean societies and the Near Eastern and Indo European cultures.

The First Chinese Emperor & His Army Of Terracotta Warriors (4 weeks)


The First Emperor Qin Shihuangdi unified & developed the country we now know as China, the oldest surviving political entity in the world. On his death, for over 2,000 years, an underground army of mysterious life-sized terracotta warriors secretly guarded his tomb until a chance discovery in 1974 unlocked the mysteries of a vanished empire.

Only In America – The American Revolution (5 weeks)


In 1776 a long running dispute over taxes between his majesty’s American colonies & his majesty’s British government went just that little bit too far and before anyone knew it shots were fired and all of a sudden there was a ‘revolution’. Or was it a revolution? To everyone’s surprise – mostly theirs – the colonists won. How did all that happen? And no-one really knew what to do next.

Mindfulness & Meditation for a more valued and enjoyable life


Mindfulness is bringing your attention to the present in a kind, non judgmental way allowing things to be as they are. Witnessing painful thoughts by concentrating on the present can result in such thoughts losing their power to distress us as we begin to realize that we are not totally our thoughts.

Italian for Beginners


Italian conversation for beginners, although some prior knowledge would be beneficial (or brush up on what you already know).

Translation: Conversazione italiana per principianti, anche se alcune conoscenze precedenti sarebbero utili (o reimparare ciò che già sapete).

Collaborative Writers' Workshop


Are you looking for a class to improve your creative writing skills? This class does just that and in a relaxed and friendly environment. In each class we workshop submitted pieces and provide constructive directions and ideas for improvement. OK, we laugh a lot as well, and sometimes we cry, but that is also the point — we trust and respect each other. It doesn’t matter where you feel you are in the journey of writing, just beginning, experienced or somewhere in between, because you will find insights offered into style, structure, content and presentation.

Discussion Group - Current Affairs 2


Due to popularity of our current affairs discussion group in Hurstbridge with places wait listed we are offering a second discussion group in Eltham.  The general format would cover group discussion of events, issues, and people in the news. This could include issues of social, economic and the broad political sphere locally and internationally.

Poetry through the ages


If you have ever wanted to enjoy the rich and diverse world that is poetry or even write your own poetry then this could be the class for you.  

French (Continuing) MONDAY


French conversation for beginners through to formal French with grammar.

Please read Course details here.


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