Lyn Colenso

Zen Tangles & Mandala Design


Art Doodling.  An exciting, relaxing and addictive pastime which awakens the artist within you even if you can’t draw.  Before you know it you are creating wonderful unique patterns like fine lacework or bold interpretations of your unique expression.  The journey begins but has no end to possibility. 

Singing for Fun


Sing-a-long just for the fun of singing.   We sing when we feel good, and we sing to uplift our spirits.  And what fun when we can sing with others who just love to sing too (even under the shower).  You need no musical training, nor do you need to audition.   Lyn will take you on a fun journey of songs, ranging from Cole Porter, Frank Sinatra, Abba, Liza Minelli, Tony Bennett, Judy Garland, Carole King, plus requests.   Lyric sheets will be provided.

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