Technology (Applied Sciences)

Introduction to Wine appreciation


This course will be a happy / tasty / educational blend of art and science, a repeat of the introductory course run previously. We will discuss different wine styles and how they are made. Back to basics, we’ll look at what you taste and smell in wine and what “balance” means in quality wine. We will smell and taste basic wine components and educate our palates as we learn to appreciate the magic of wine composition. The great thing is no-one is ever wrong in what you say about wine – we each appreciate different facets – but one session will be spent on wine faults.

Dining Out


Purpose: For any U3A members (family or friends) to gather together over a meal at a different local venue each month. (Diamond Creek, Eltham, Greensborough, Templestowe areas). 

Dates: The last Wednesday of each month.

Time: 7 pm, Venues: To be decided . 
Cost: We hope to find venues that will provide menus around $30-35 for two courses. Hopefully BYO

Wine Tour Group


This course is a monthly winery day tour.

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