Social Sciences, Sociology & Anthopology

Philosophy Now


Topics can be chosen from the two influential publications Philosophy Now and New Philosophy. To be decided upon by group consensus. Some possible topics include: Defending Free Will and the Self; The Sum of My parts; Thought Consciousness and Machines; The Decline and Re- birth of Philosophy; Kierkegaard and the Perils of Procrastination; How Can Anybody Change Culture? Popper on Marx on History; What is Panspiritism? – An Alternative Theory to Consciousness and matter.

Ageing Disgracefully


Initially, an irreverent and light-hearted look at ageing. What to do to pass the time before dotage overwhelms. Sharing ideas and fantasies for ageing disgracefully with the aim of turning growing old - that most prolonged and disagreeable of experiences - into a riotous adventure. Followed by a closer look at the opportunities afforded by the Third Act, a life review - where we are at - then developing individual plans, our own ABC to the Art of Ageing Disgracefully.

Discussion Group - Current Affairs 2


Due to popularity of our current affairs discussion group in Hurstbridge with places wait listed we are offering a second discussion group in Eltham.  The general format would cover group discussion of events, issues, and people in the news. This could include issues of social, economic and the broad political sphere locally and internationally.

Discussion Group - Current Affairs


We live in interesting times and are constantly confronted with issues and events which disturb, infuriate, amuse or concern us. We generally suggest a topic to be prepared for the following week. Participants are invited to bring news items, book reviews, editorials and any other articles of interest to discuss.

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