Italian for Beginners


Italian conversation for beginners, although some prior knowledge would be beneficial (or brush up on what you already know).

Translation: Conversazione italiana per principianti, anche se alcune conoscenze precedenti sarebbero utili (o reimparare ciò che già sapete).

French (Continuing) MONDAY


French conversation for beginners through to formal French with grammar.

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Bavarder, converser, lire et parfoit chanter avec Bill. Chat, converse, read & sometimes sing with Bill   If you wish to speak and understand French this is the course for you. Some elementary (SPOKEN) knowledge of French would be helpful. If you can manage to do the following you're halfway in.

French Intermediate Conversation WEDNESDAY


For students who have completed some years of U3A French or are at that level wishing to strengthen their conversational use of the language.

Starting French WEDNESDAY


This course will suit people who have studied French for 2 years at school. The aim will be to get students to a standard where they will be able, if on holiday in France, to understand simple spoken French and to be able to make themselves understood in shops, hotels etc. The course will be done with the aid of a BBC studies book.

Latin for Beginners


This is an introductory course for the many of our members who want to gain an understanding of the language that has been used down the centuries in our early educational and legal institutes. It will prepare students to join the more advanced Latin class that John offers.

French - Intermediate (continuing) FRIDAY


Intermediate French - intended for those who have some prior experience in U3A or High School French

Spanish for Travellers


Did you know that Spanish is the official language in 22 countries and approximately 470 million people speak Spanish as a native language, making it second only to Mandarin Chinese (and above English) in terms of its number of native speakers worldwide?

In my course you will learn a basic vocabulary and understand simple phrases - i.e. Saying hello and goodbye, introducing yourself,  telling the time, etc.




John provides an introduction to the Latin of the classics and encourages understanding of Latin proverbs, legal and church Latin and the role of this ‘dead’ language in fashioning modern linguistics. ‘Mens sana in corpore sano’ – a healthy mind in a healthy body – could almost be the U3A motto.


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