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Try Lawn Bowls


Beginners and others who want to try out bowls. U3A player new to the group will pay no extra fee for the term but returning U3A players will be required to pay $4 a week green fee to the bowls club. U3A players who are also EBC Club members will pay no extra fee.

2019 - Term 3 Fri 26th July to Fri 16th Aug(4 weeks); Term 4 all term


Thinking Bridge


Course designed for players who feel their play is not improving.  We will look at more advanced plays and use of deduction and inference in "reading the cards".

NOTE: A prerequisite for the course is that participants play competitive duplicate.

Mindfulness & Meditation for a more valued and enjoyable life


Mindfulness is bringing your attention to the present in a kind, non judgmental way allowing things to be as they are. Witnessing painful thoughts by concentrating on the present can result in such thoughts losing their power to distress us as we begin to realize that we are not totally our thoughts.

Gentle Walking Group


Anyone interested in joining a group of slower walkers who can enjoy the outdoors in the safety and security of others.  Walks will take place in a variety of places on well made tracks away from the sound of traffic and will be 30 minutes - to an hour, followed by a visit to a nearby cafe.   Evening walks during daylight saving would be an option.

Various locations between Hurstbridge and Westerfolds Park.

Gentle Exercise


A gentle exercise program that incorporates aerobic, strength using resistance bands, stretching, coordination, balance and agility in a fun way. Please wear loose comfortable clothing, training shoes and bring water to drink.

Zen Tangles & Mandala Design


Art Doodling.  An exciting, relaxing and addictive pastime which awakens the artist within you even if you can’t draw.  Before you know it you are creating wonderful unique patterns like fine lacework or bold interpretations of your unique expression.  The journey begins but has no end to possibility. 

Table Tennis


If you would like to play social games of table tennis this is the fitness class for you. There will be no teaching, no competition, just having a good time.  Two tables available.  12 persons rotate on and off the table. Each person plays an aggregate of 1hr. and watches on for an aggregate of 30 minutes interspersed through the session.



Yoga for EVERY BODY. The main course served is breath-centred postures and mindfulness, promoting ease of movement and comfort in the body by mobilising stiff joints, relaxing tight muscles and revitalising from the inside out. The main course comes with with a sprinkling of yoga philosophy. The dessert is relaxation. The class is friendly (with a cup of tea afterwards!) and takes place in a beautiful studio with breathtaking views. Amanda can modify any posture according to the individual, so the class is appropriate for experienced and beginners in yoga.

Singing for Fun


Sing-a-long just for the fun of singing.   We sing when we feel good, and we sing to uplift our spirits.  And what fun when we can sing with others who just love to sing too (even under the shower).  You need no musical training, nor do you need to audition.   Lyn will take you on a fun journey of songs, ranging from Cole Porter, Frank Sinatra, Abba, Liza Minelli, Tony Bennett, Judy Garland, Carole King, plus requests.   Lyric sheets will be provided.

Card Afternoon


The aim of the class is to enjoy playing cards with pleasant company.  Beginners, experienced but rusty - and regular players are welcome. So far we have played 500, Solo, and Bolivia(a form of Canasta) – we’re open to other suggestions.


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